Payment Method

Ozsupplycentre offers three different payment methods to pay for your Ozsupply goods.

If you are placing orders outside Australia, please know that your credit card company may charge a currency conversion fee. Sites secured by GeoTrust SSL certificates provide up to 256-bit encryption, thereby offering the highest encryption and security level possible. This means you can be rest assured that connections between your browser and this site's web servers are private and secure.

You can now say 'goodbye' to wishing and waiting for products. Ozsupplycentre offers Zip pay, a payment mode that gives you the freedom to buy what you want today.  So now say 'hello' to enjoy! Buy whatever you want; there's a Zip for that!  


What is Zip Pay?

Zip Pay facility allows you to buy on credit for up to $1000 on their account. With this limit, you can shop now and pay later. You can make multiple purchases within this limit and set your own easy terms for re-paying the same in interest-free installments as per your choice. This is a re-usable limit wherein the limit gets replenished as you start re-paying. 

How does it work?

Apply for your Zip account and set it up in minutes. Instantly get approval for up to $1000 on the spot. Once approved, you can start your shopping online, wherever you see Zip at checkout. It's that simple – your purchase is all yours, interest-free, with nothing to pay today.

How do repayments work?

When you use the ZIP Pay option for payment, your first repayment would commence from the last day of the next month. which is after Your first payment won’t be due until the end of next month. On the opening of your account, it would be set up with a monthly payment of $40 (this can be increased by you according to your capacity) This amount will be linked to your debit card and will be recovered on the last day of each month till such time the purchase value is fully paid off.

When the purchase value has been fully paid off and there is nothing more to pay, your account will still remain active until you are ready to make your next purchase. 

Am I eligible for Zip Pay?

To be eligible for using Zip Pay, you need to 

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid Facebook or PayPal account in your name
  • Have a valid debit card in your name
  • Have not declared bankruptcy or insolvency

What are the fees?

Zip Pay is always 100% interest-free. There’s a $6 monthly account fee, and this too is waived off if the amount due is paid by the due date. You also do not have to pay anything upfront and there are no set up fees and hidden charges for this facility.

If however, you fail to pay your minimum monthly repayment on the due date, a $5 late fee may apply. 

How do refunds work?

The first step is to talk to the retailer - when they agree, they’ll process the refunded amount which will appear in your Zip account. If a refund puts your Zip account in credit, you can contact us to have the amount refunded to your bank account instead. Or, you can simply use it for your next purchase.