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    99 products
    Brateck Pole Mount SitStand With Single Mount 17"-32"
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    Brateck Single Monitor Aluminium Slim Mechanical Spring Monitor Arm For Most 17'-32'
    Brateck Dual Monitor Aluminum Slim Pole Held Mechanincal Spring Monitor Arm 17"- 32"
    Brateck Universal Tabletop Monitor Riser STB-062 Fit Screen Size 13"-32"
    Brateck Single Screen Classic Pro Gaming Monitor Stand for Most 17"-32" Up to 8kg/Screen--Black Color
    Brateck Timber Desktop Monitor Laptop Stand - 13"-32" Black
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    Brateck Single Monitor Aluminium Monitor Arm 17-35"
    Brateck Economy Dual Monitor Steel Monitor Arm 13"-32"
    Brateck Space-Saving Under-Desk Drawer with Shelf, Dimension 513x311~481x187mm
    Brateck Dual Interactive Counterbalance LCD VESA Desk Mount for 13''-27'' LCD
    Brateck Quick Release VESA Adapter Mount your VESA Monitor with Ease VESA75X75/100X100
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    The outdated chest of drawers in the living room is no longer suitable for your brand new, modern smart TV. This is why you choose a TV stand that is compatible with your TV and still provides space for important components such as the receiver and soundbar. When setting up, you can store all cables neatly in the built-in slot, which is very convenient for you. The slim design of the device also provides you with valuable living room space. Here, you will learn about the different variants of the TV cabinet and discover which model is particularly suitable for your TV and living room.  

    The space-saving base for TVs, cables and accessories

    With a TV stand, all AV components can be accommodated in a space-saving manner and harmoniously placed in the living room. Due to the integrated cable duct, unsightly cables are largely hidden, ensuring a neat appearance. Compared with large sideboards or TV cabinets, stylish TV stands create a ventilated living environment and put the large screens of modern TVs under the spotlight. Some models provide additional storage areas for accessories such as surround sound amplifiers, Blu-ray players, or TV receivers so that you can store all your media network devices in one central location.

    These types of TV stands exist.

    TV stands can basically be divided into two categories. The differences between them are introduced below. 

    Classic feet

    Traditional TV stands have brackets that can be attached to the back of the TV. They are designed to be placed directly on the wall of the room. Most of them are height-adjustable – either infinitely variable or in up to five stages.


    Some TV stands are also known as "turntables" because they are equipped with a swivel joint, so you can use them to change the direction of the screen. This allows the TV to align directly with the sofa or the dining area in the corner of the room. Some stands also have a tilt mechanism. You can then move the TV around the horizontal axis, tilting it up or down slightly.

    The right stand for your TV

    Depending on the application profile, your home cinema equipment, and furnishing aspects, different models are suitable for you.

    TV stand for people who only watch TV occasionally.

    You do not see TV as a central decorative element in the living room, so use a compact model with 32 to 42 inches diagonal without further players for occasional television. The flat turntable is specially made for you and can be placed on an existing shelf, such as a sideboard. Made of plastic, metal or glass, the mini stands to integrate harmoniously into your living environment and are available at prices between $30 and 150.

    TV stand for comfort-conscious frequent seers.

    You have a flat-screen TV from 50 to 65 inches, and you often like to watch TV shows, movies and series. That's why you can use a floor stand made of sturdy metal, which provides:

    • Integrated cable routing and an extra glass.
    • Aluminium.
    • Plastic space for your cable or satellite receiver.

    This type of model is characterized by high stability, but it can only change the height, but it cannot turn or tilt. The fixed floor stand is available in a variety of sizes and heights, and the price is between $100 and 350.

    TV base for home theatre enthusiasts and business users

    As the owner of a modern home theatre, you can call up exquisite components such as 50 to 85 inch 4k TVs, surround sound systems with centre speakers, and multiple players, such as Blu-ray players, satellite and cable receivers, AV amplifiers, and your own game consoles. You can store the entire set of devices on a floor stand with three or four storage areas, complicated internal cable routing, and extensive adjustment options for approximately $300 to 800. For flexible positioning or use in conference rooms, you can use models with wheels, with prices ranging from $300 to 1600.

    About OZSupplyCentre

    In the OZSupplyCentre, you will find a variety of height-adjustable TV stands, some of which also provide an inclination and rotation of the flat screen, allowing you always to get the right angle and perfect vision. Disturbing cables are simply hidden in the back of the monitor stand to direct the line of sight to the basics. Choose a TV stand or monitor stand without castors from well-known manufacturers. The right solution for your 10-36 inch monitor is not there? 

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