Samsung S21 5G

19 products

    19 products
    Otterbox Symmetry Case For Samsung Galaxy S21 5G - Black
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    Otterbox Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Defender Series Case - Black
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    Samsung S21 5G

    Samsung S21 5G Case Cover

    The Samsung S21 5G case cover effectively performs a protective function, preventing the appearance of chips, cracks, abrasions and other mechanical damage that often occur as a result of shocks and drops of the device. The transparent cover fits snugly around the back and sides of your mobile device for a comfortable grip. The silicone chosen for the manufacture of the cover does not change its original shape for a long time, does not tear or deform. Due to the elasticity of the material, the phone case cover can be easily installed on your phone. In addition, the product has all the necessary cuts to match the size and location of the camera and the connectors on the device. The case cover also supports the wireless charging function.

    Key Features

    Easy to access & Protector: Complete access to all features of the device, including microphone, speaker, camera, and all buttons. You can easily assemble cover from mobile and easily disassemble. Protects your mobile phone from scratches, bumps, and accidental drops.

    Wireless charging: The phone cover case supports wireless charging; you do not have to remove the cover from mobile for wireless charging.

    Product Description

    Suitable For: Samsung S21 5G

    Brands Available: Otterbox, LifeProof, Gear4, Case-Mate, Belkin, Zagg, Invisible Shield

    Dimensions/Size: 6.2 inches

    Material: Silicone, Polycarbonate

    Samsung S21 5G Screen Protector

    Are you afraid of seeing your screen shattered into million pieces after a harsh drop? Ozsupplycentre's shatterproof tempered glass screen protectors can make sure that is not the case. Made from 9H hardness tempered glass, the clear protective film has amazing shatterproof abilities that absorb impacts, such as drops and scratches and keeps your display spotless and clear-as-new every day.

    The tempered glass reliably protects the display of the Samsung S21 5G against scratches and dirt and absorbs blows and shocks. The tempered glass has been perfectly adapted to your mobile phone due to its curved production and does not restrict you in its operation. The tempered glass has an extremely smooth surface, so you can easily clean away fingerprints with the enclosed cloth.

    We recommend that you purchase a Samsung S21 5G tempered glass or protective film to protect the display of your smartphone from damage! All of our Samsung S21 screen protectors offer maximum protection from scratches, cracks and other daily damage. They can be combined with other mobile phone accessories such as Samsung S21 cases.

    Key Features

    • Innovative, unbreakable protection for the sensitive smartphone display: combines the advantages of protective glass and film.
    • A perfect combination: The screen protector combines optical clarity with maximum coverage to the edge.
    • Unbreakable for durable protection: The flexible material guarantees effective scratch, impact and impact protection.
    • Easy-On Adapter: Fixing aid for simplified installation of the screen protector
    • Highly transparent ultra clear material in HD quality for excellent brilliance
    • Perfect touch surface with anti-fingerprint coating.
    • Super fingerprint sensitivity: for fast fingerprint recognition for devices with ultrasonic sensors.

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