Samsung A72

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    3 products
    Case-Mate Tough Clear Case - For Samsung Galaxy A72 - Clear

    Samsung A72

    Samsung A72 Case Cover

    Ozsupplycentre provides case covers specially designed for Samsung A72. It doesn't make the phone look bulky at all and provides ample protection for your device. Precisely cut openings to allow full access to all the functions of your phone such as Camera, Microphone, Speaker etc. The anti-slip property prevents your phone from slipping out of your hand. Raised edges protect your screen from scratches. The case cover provides protection from scratches and scrapes. The non-slip case cover provides excellent grip and corner protection. The superior quality case protects your device and is lightweight.

    Key Features

    The stylish, high-quality protective case protects your device from scratches, abrasion, dust and dirt. Raised edges protect your screen from scratches. All the cuts are made precisely to allow full access to all of your phone's functions.

    Product Description

    Suitable For: Samsung A72

    Brands Available: Otterbox, LifeProof, Gear4, Case-Mate, Belkin, Zagg, Invisible Shield

    Dimensions/Size: 6.7 inches

    Samsung A72 Screen Protector

    The Samsung A72 has a nice display but can easily break if accidentally dropped or get scratches. Therefore, a screen protector that is durable and compatible with the device is required. If the screen protector is damaged or scratched, it can be replaced so that the surface of the display remains flawless, and thus a profit is made on your investment.

    Tempered glass is the best way to protect the smartphone display. They have protective abilities so that the mobile phone can be backed up around the clock. This accessory mainly protects the display of the device, although the bulletproof glass 3D can also hug the oblique edges of the smartphone, and they will not be damaged. The screen protectors are transparent, so in no case will they affect the functionality of the smartphone. They also mask scratches and cracks that have already formed.

    We recommend that you purchase a Samsung A72 tempered glass or protective film to protect the display of your smartphone from damage! All of our Samsung A72 screen protectors offer maximum protection from scratches, cracks and other daily damage. They can be combined with other mobile phone accessories such as Samsung A72 cases.

    Key Features

    • Innovative, unbreakable protection for the sensitive smartphone display: combines the advantages of protective glass and film.
    • A perfect combination: The screen protector combines optical clarity with maximum coverage to the edge.
    • Unbreakable for durable protection: The flexible material guarantees effective scratch, impact and impact protection
    • Easy-On Adapter: Fixing aid for simplified installation of the screen protector
    • Highly transparent ultra clear material in HD quality for excellent brilliance
    • Perfect touch surface with anti-fingerprint coating
    • Super fingerprint sensitivity: for fast fingerprint recognition for devices with ultrasonic sensors.

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