Samsung A52

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    3 products
    Case-Mate Tough Clear Case - For Samsung Galaxy A52 5G - Clear

    Samsung A52

    Samsung A52 Case Cover

    Ozsupplycentre provides transparent and coloured back phone case covers designed for Samsung A52. The case cover is a simple and stylish appearance and is shockproof. The phone protection case is made of a silicone frame that provides shock, drop protection and scratch resistance. A slightly raised border and camera aperture protect the phone's screen and camera from damage. The phone case covers have a strong grip and do not slip out of your hands or pockets. No matter where you use it, your fingerprint won't stay on your phone case. The case cover is compact, lightweight and durable. All controls and slots are fully accessible.

    Key Features

    Protector & Accessible: Well protective case cover and integrated shock-absorbing frame protects against scrapes, bumps and more. Exposed buttons and port openings for quick and easy access to Camera, Access Audio Ports and charging ports.

    Product Description

    Suitable For: Samsung A52

    Brands Available: Otterbox, LifeProof, Gear4, Case-Mate, Belkin, Zagg, Invisible Shield

    Dimensions/Size: 6.5 inches

    Samsung A52 Screen Protector

    Samsung A52 can be protected by Samsung screen protectors and tempered glass. The display has got a size of 6.7 inches, so there is a very large area to protect it here. The screen protectors are a good solution if you want to protect the display. They do mask the old scratches and do not allow the new ones to arise. In addition, the films are matt, and therefore no fingerprints are visible. The displays can also be cleaned very well. The assembly is easy, and bubbles cannot arise.

    We recommend that you purchase a Samsung A52 tempered glass or protective film to protect your smartphone's display from damage! All of our Samsung A52 screen protectors offer maximum protection from scratches, cracks and other daily damage. They can be combined with other mobile phone accessories such as Samsung A52 cases.

    Key Features

    • Innovative, unbreakable protection for the sensitive smartphone display: combines the advantages of protective glass and film.
    • A perfect combination: The screen protector combines optical clarity with maximum coverage to the edge.
    • Unbreakable for durable protection: The flexible material guarantees effective scratch, impact and impact protection
    • Easy-On Adapter: Fixing aid for simplified installation of the screen protector
    • Highly transparent ultra clear material in HD quality for excellent brilliance
    • Perfect touch surface with anti-fingerprint coating
    • Super fingerprint sensitivity: for fast fingerprint recognition for devices with ultrasonic sensors.

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