Phone Cases

The protective phone cases are designed to attach to, support or hold the mobile phone in other ways. It is a popular accessory for many mobile phones. It can provide maximum protection for our mobile phones from dust, drop and screen damage, or we can say of any accidental damage. The most important thing now is that you can buy many protective cases that provide protection and give you a unique and classy look.

Types of phone cases

It depends on the material of the product. Especially the smartphone case has been undergoing countless changes for a long time. To help you understand all available products, here is an overview of the most common forms of smartphone cases:

  • The classic case: The classic smartphone case is one of the most popular forms of case. It can protect the frame and the back of the phone. You can choose a hard case, e.g., wood, plastic or aluminium, and the soft case is usually made of silicone or another type of rubber. Make sure the protective case provides enough grip to prevent the smartphone from falling to the ground in the first place. If it still happens, then the case on the front should stand slightly beyond the edge. Thus, the display does not experience the full force of the impact, even if it should hit flat.
  • Outdoor cases: The outdoor case is a special type of case. These are usually added to a series of hard cases but can also be made up of multiple parts, representing a mix of hard and soft cases. As the name suggests, these protective cases are prepared for more robust handling of smartphones. They can better resist external influences. Some versions even provide comprehensive protection and make the smartphone waterproof.
  • Flip cover: Except for the frame and the back, the flip covers the front of the smartphone when not in use. The foldable cover is opened during use, and the user closes the phone in standby mode. In some cases, these protective cases also provide additional functions: stand functions for watching videos, compartments for storing bank cards and ID, built-in viewing windows, and even LEDs on the protective cases, which always notify current time or incoming notification. If the flip is compatible with the phone, the case will even automatically lock and activate the smartphone when it is opened and closed. Some models place the lid under lock and key with the help of magnets or buttons.
  • Bumpers: A slimmed-down version of the smartphone case is called a bumper. Compared to classic protective cases, they only protect the frame of the smartphone, not the back. They are suitable if the user just wants more grip. The silicone bumper makes the phone safer to hold and protects the smartphone from other dangers.
  • Battery cases: The battery case is heavier than most other battery boxes and usually does not provide better protection than ordinary hard cases. For this reason, a separate battery is installed in the case, which significantly increases the running time of the smartphone. When the smartphone is running out of power, the phone case directly charges the battery until the phone is exhausted. Only then will the percentage displayed on the smartphone drop. Therefore, this type of case acts as a mobile power bank.

5 Reasons for a Protective Case

A brief moment of carelessness, a little gravity, and the smartphone has a crack in the display or a scratch on the side. In most cases, a mobile phone case is sufficient to prevent the accident. And there are also other arguments for protective covers.

Hard case, leather case, silicone case. No matter which variant of the phone case you choose, the choice is correct. And the devices have this more than necessary. After all, almost everyone knows that someone's phone or tablet becomes the victim of gravity. But there are also other relevant reasons that speak for a protective cover. We have summarized the most important ones for you.

Reason 1: Phone Cases Offer Protection

Faster than you think, your own smartphone has slipped out of hand. When it fell, people had already suspected it was evil. Once it hits the floor, the display screen can explode, and the case can be dented or scratched and broken to decorate the back. Often this has the consequence that the smartphone becomes completely unusable. The phone case can protect the back, depending on the model, or even the front and the phone case. 

Some manufacturers advertise that their protective covers can intercept drops of up to 3 meters. Also, many models are scratch-resistant. The phone case ensures that the smartphone is no longer as slippery as it used to be in hand. Very suitable for clumsy people who break something from time to time. Therefore, the phone case will take on a new look and feel good with the phone in a longer period of time; after all, protection or security is even a basic necessity. 

Reason 2: Phone Cases Save Money

The second reason for a phone case is money. The cost of the protective case is much less than the cost of repair. Once the screen or glass of the phone is broken, it becomes expensive. The cost of a new screen is usually in the three-digit range. This is especially true for Apple devices (i.e. iPhones) which are also very fragile. It becomes particularly expensive when the front camera or the fingerprint sensor of the iPhone are destroyed by the splintered glass.

But protective cases also ensure better prices when selling the smartphone in a broader sense. For one thing, protected models are usually just as good as new ones. On the other hand, the phone case or protective case can cost a few dollars more. Therefore, the investment in the case of smartphones is worth it.

Reason 3: Colour and Style

The best-selling "color" of electronics is and remains black or grey, although numerous manufacturers rely on colourful mobile phones. For example, Apple also offers a green, silver and gold version of its iPhone 11 Pro.

Despite this, most mobile phones look quite similar. Therefore, the Android or iPhone protective case can set colour accents and recall new materials on the back, such as wood and leather. However, it is not recommended to use metal protective cases because they may interfere with the wireless connection of the smartphone, etc. However, some metal phone case manufacturers have solved this problem and provided suitable metal protective cases. 

Reason 4: Mobile Phone Cases Create Individuality

Everyone knows printed pens, T-shirts and cups. But even your own phone case can be designed by yourself. Creativity has no limits. The covers can be printed, for example, with funny sayings, the most beautiful holiday photos or company logo. We also used the configurator from caseable and immortalized our logo on a cover. If you are interested, Android tablets, Apple's iPads and laptops can also be operated here – even with configurable pockets.

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