The motherboard is the heart of the computer. It connects the computer hardware to the main electronic components such as the CPU, RAM, hard drive, and video card.

For better performance, you have to be the right motherboard. A good motherboard can give you better performance as well as many benefits.

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Types of motherboards

  • ATX Motherboard

  • ATX Motherboard, there are base coats manufactured by Intel that are the first working motherboards.

    These motherboards differ from their AT counterparts in that they allow the exchange of connected parts. In addition, the dimensions of this motherboard are smaller than that of the AT motherboard, and therefore a suitable space for the drive is also allowed. Some changes have also been made in the connector system of the motherboard. AT Motherboards had a keyboard connector, and additional slots for various plug-ins were provided on the backboards. Its size is 305 mm × 244 mm.

  • BTX Motherboard

  • BTX was developed to reduce or avoid some of the hassles that arise when using the latest technologies. New technologies often require more power and also release more heat when the motherboards are implemented as specified by the ATX. Both the ATX standard and the BTX standard were proposed by Intel. Further development of the BTX retail product was cancelled by Intel after it accepted Intel's decision to refocus on low-power CPUs after dealing with issues such as scaling and thermal with the Pentium 4.

    The BTX design provides a straight airflow with less difficulty, resulting in better cooling capabilities. Instead of a dedicated cooling fan, there is a large 12cm fan, which draws air from outside the PC, and then cools the CPU through the air duct.

  • Pico BTX Motherboard

  • Pico BTX is a motherboard that aims to develop BTX standards even in smaller sizes. It is smaller than many current "micro" sized motherboards, hence the name "Pico". Only support one or two expansion slots, designed for mid-height card or riser card applications.

    In the early stages of use, the ATX and BTX motherboards were so similar that it was possible to move the BTX motherboard to the ATX box. In later stages, a major modification was made to the BTX form element by converting it to an ATX standard mirror. BTX power supply units can be replaced with state-of-the-art ATX12V units, but not with older ATX power supplies that do not have an additional 4-pin 12V connector.

  • Micro ATX Motherboard

  • The Micro ATX is a type of small and standard PC motherboard. The maximum size of the Micro ATX board is 244 mm × 244 mm, while the standard ATX standard is 25 ٪ large with dimensions of 305 mm × 244 mm. Currently available micro ATX motherboards are compatible with Intel or AMD processors.

  • Mini ITX Motherboard

  • The Mini-ITX is a 17 × 17 cm low power motherboard. It's designed by VIA technologies. They are mainly used in small form computer systems. Mini-ITX boards can also be easily cooled due to the low power consumption architecture. Such architecture makes them widely useful for home theatre, PC systems or systems where noise can reduce the quality. Therefore, mini-ITX boards can be used where needed, designed for ATX, Micro-ATX, and other ATX variants. The Mini ITX Form Element has space for an expansion slot.


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