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    7 products
    Case-Mate Twinkle Case - For iPhone SE\8\7\6s\6
    Cleanskin Tempered Glass Screen Guard - For iPhone SE\8\7\6s\6
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    Case-Mate Riffle Paper - iPhone SE\8\7\6s\6
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    iPhone 6 Case Cover | iPhone 6 phone case

    Ozsupplycentre provides stylish design case covers for Apple iPhone 6, which are pleasant to the touch. Cases are presented in various colours (black, red, pink, blue, yellow, transparent). The cover will not only help you protect the model from cracks, chips, but thanks to the special microfiber on the inside of the cover, minor scratches will not appear.

    For ease of use, cutouts were made, which exactly coincide with the placement of elements on the Apple iPhone 6 (camera, flash, buttons, logo, speaker and microphone). The cover does not slip in the hands but slightly increases the dimensions - thus, it covers the back, right, left and top edges.

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    Product Description

    Suitable For: Apple iPhone 6

    Brands Available: OtterboxLifeProofGear4Case-MateBelkinZaggInvisible Shield

    Dimensions/Size: 13.8 cm (L) x 6.7 cm (W)

    iPhone 6 Screen Protector Tempered

    LifeProof iphone 6 case | Otterbox iphone 6 case | Gear4 iPhone 6 Cases | Case-Mate iPhone 6 Case

    If you don't like scratched screens and want a little extra drop protection, a screen protector is a must. The tempered glass screen protector combines ultra-resistant and shatterproof properties with built-in anti-bubble technology to transform your iPhone 6 screen protector. 

    Easy to apply and bubble-free, this glass screen protector was specially developed for the iPhone 6. The screen protectors are specially developed to protect your iPhone from scratches, bumps, bumps and everyday wear and tear while remaining completely discreet in the functionality of the iPhone touch screen.

    OzSupplyCentre’s collection of iPhone 6 screen protectors provides you with security at a preferential price. Our iPhone 6 screen protector includes all major brands to increase added value.

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