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      The iPad quickly established itself and has become an indispensable part of our daily life. With a high-quality iPad stand, you can even integrate it into your home, office or hotel, museum or restaurant. OZSupplyCentre offers exclusive iPad stands and holders, as well as stands from well-known third-party manufacturers. We make it easy for you to choose the right iPad stand and have put together the best models for you on this page.

      Types of iPad Stands

      iPad Stand made of acrylic or iPad Butler - iPad stands are available from OZSupplyCentre in all imaginable designs and materials, for example, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium or hard plastic. With us, you will also find special iPad holders for gastronomy, hotels, hospitals, architects, museums or trade fair stands, on request even with anti-theft protection. Our polar-fresh models integrate the iPad perfectly into the respective environment. Numerous well-known companies and personalities already use iPad holders from OZSupplyCentre, the pioneer among iPad holder suppliers.

      iPad stand for home and office

      Whether you want to watch iTunes movies on your iPad on the couch at home or keep an eye on current flip charts at the office, with an iPad stand made of aluminium, solid wood or acrylic glass, for example, you can always enjoy a perfect view of your iPad, iPad mini or iPad Pro perfectly. Especially the new iPad Pro and the corresponding iPad stand, you can easily see the current blockbusters movies on it.

      iPad Stand on the Go

      Even on a train or plane, for example, if you want to enter longer emails on a separate Bluetooth keyboard on the iPad, the corresponding screen on the iPad is also ideal. Here, we even offer suitable foldable travel solutions. Of course, you can also use these stands to watch entertaining movies anytime, anywhere, which shortens easy long-distance travel time.

      iPad displays for trade fairs, hotels & shops

      Many well-known companies and businesses trust the quality of our iPad stands and use them in their stores, hotels, restaurants or trade shows. Important for a theft-proof iPad stand is the continued functionality, directly adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer. Here, you will surely find the right iPad stand for a wide variety of applications.

      iPad holders with an anti-theft device

      Practical and popular for professional iPad use in gastronomy, in shops, at trade fairs or events are iPad holders with an integrated anti-theft device. In our assortment, you will find exactly the right products to present the iPad safely and professionally everywhere and so that thieves will have their difficulties stealing the iPad.

      It's all about the material.

      Of course, at trade fairs or in shops, you need iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini or iPad Pro holders made of stainless steel or at least aluminium. In the office, on the other hand, or at home in the living room, it may also be an elegant wooden material, or the bracket may be made of acrylic glass. Of course, we are ideally positioned here with our assortment and offer the appropriate stands and holders in all conceivable materials.

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