iPad Mini 2

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    Gumdrop Hideaway case for iPad Mini 1 / 2/ 3/ 4 / 5
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    iPad Mini 2

    iPad Mini 2 Case Cover

    A high-quality case cover providing shock and drop protection for your iPad Mini 2. The case fits the device very well, and the case cover optimally protects the smartphone from damage and dirt in case of falling and mechanical impact. The manufacturers of this model emphasized stability when falling at an angle, which is t most often the case, and created reinforced protection along the edges. The surface of the case, made of high-quality material, prevents the iPad from slipping in your hand or on other surfaces and thus offers solid protection. The case provides access to all buttons, ports, speakers, and more, which does not affect the functional use of your iPad.

    Key Features

    Protection & Quality design: The protective Case cover protects your iPad from unwanted dust and dirt that can slowly damage your iPad. The case cover design in a style that maximizes ultra-protective and built-in shock absorption at all corners. Anti-slip Grip ensures that you hold your iPad perfectly in your hand. 

    Product Description

    Suitable For: iPad Mini 2

    Brands Available: Otterbox, LifeProof, Gear4, Case-Mate, Belkin, Zagg, Invisible Shield

    Dimensions/Size: 20.0 cm (L) x 13.4 cm (W)

    iPad Mini 2 Screen Protector

    Ozsupplycentre’s iPad mini 2 screen protector gives your iPad mini excellent impact protection with—wow effect. It impresses with its perfectly rounded edges. Avoid unnecessary damage to the display due to scratches, dust and dirt with our screen protector. The tempered glass for iPad Mini 2 offers you full functionality of the 3D Touch display and no impairment of the HD image quality. If you want to remove your protective glass, this can be done without residue.

    Key Features

    • The tempered glass protects your Apple iPad from annoying scratches and scuffs and thus preserves the perfect condition of your device.
    • The tempered glass creates an unadulterated look and receives the razor-sharp display of your display. All necessary recesses are precisely processed.
    • The special and qualitative workmanship of this screen protector made of robust 9H glass prevents the impairment of the sensitive touch screen.
    • The tempered glass can be easily and bubble-free attached after cleaning with the enclosed cloths.
    • The robust and resistant protective glass effectively protects your tablet from sharp objects and reduces the risk of glass breakage.

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