Why use a Managed PoE Switch?

by sogrow team

Why use a Managed PoE Switch?

Nowadays, Managed PoE switches are becoming increasingly popular among network users. Many users opt for a Managed PoE Switch rather than an Unmanaged PoE Switch. Why is that? Are there any special reasons? This post describes the benefits of Managed PoE switch and the differences between unmanaged PoE switch and managed PoE switch.

What is a Managed Switch?

As you may know, there are two types of network switches at the management level: managed switches and unmanaged switches. So what is a managed switch? What is the difference between an unmanaged switch and a managed switch?

A managed switch is a switch that provides access to one or more interfaces for configuring or managing features such as Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), port speed, VLANs, etc. This allows you to control LAN traffic more accurately and provide advanced traffic control capabilities. For example, the FS S5800-48F4SR 10GbE switch supports MLAG, VxLAN, SNMP, etc.

An unmanaged switch, on the other hand, only allows Ethernet devices to communicate with each other such as PC or network printers. It has a fixed configuration and must not be changed.

Managed Switch vs. Unmanaged Switch

Typically, a managed switch is always better than an unmanaged switch because they provide all the features and functionality of an unmanaged switch. However, unmanaged switches do not offer all the benefits of managed switches, such as management control, network monitoring, restrictions on communication with unauthorized devices, etc.

What is Managed PoE Switch?

From the above introduction, we understand the importance of managed switches. So what is a Managed PoE Switch? Why should you use a Managed PoE Network Switch?

PoE represents Power over Ethernet. The main feature or advantage of PoE is the simultaneous provision of data and power over a Cat6 or Cat6a cable. PoE eliminates the need to use AC or DC power supplies and power outlets. In addition, the cost of remote installation is lower than fibre optics because no electrician is required.

Why use a Managed PoE Switch?

PoE is not suitable for transmitting network data over long distances or at extreme temperatures. In such environments, it is widely used for Gigabit Ethernet switches, primarily IP cameras, VoIP phones, and WAPs (Wireless Access Points). Therefore, you need a Managed PoE switch. Let's take the FS 8-Port Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch as an example.

The FS 8-Port Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch provides a cost-effective and efficient PoE solution for your business. A managed PoE switch is an ideal choice if you need to connect to an NVR to build your surveillance network better or consider an IP camera.


The figure above may give you a general understanding of a managed PoE switch and why you need to use it in certain situations. Not only does a managed PoE switch include all the features of a managed switch, but it also allows you to transfer data and power simultaneously over a Cat6 or Cat6a cable.

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