Why the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the first really good folding smartphone?

by sogrow team

Why the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the first really good folding smartphone?

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a large smartphone that, when folded, is reduced to half its length and fits comfortably in your pocket. How Samsung's latest folding phone proves itself in everyday life reveals the detailed review.

The first folding smartphones mainly attracted early users who wanted the latest technology quickly, even if it was still expensive and immature. With the new Galaxy Z Flip 3, this could change for the first time. The performance, display and camera are convincing. In terms of technology, it is largely on the level of classic premium smartphones and does not cost more than these. 

The Flip 3 is also robust than its predecessor and the first waterproof folding phone. For the first time, customers have a folding smartphone to choose from, where they do not have to make any compromises, apart from the moderate battery life.

Pros of Galaxy Z Flip 3

  • The folding works very well
  • Waterproof and robust
  • Top Performance
  • Good camera (apart from the zoom)
  • Four years of security updates
  • The cheapest folding smartphone so far

Cons of Galaxy Z Flip 3

  • Weak battery
  • Longevity of the display unclear
  • Still expensive

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the modern counterpart to the earlier folding phones – and it magically attracts the eyes.

1. Form and design are right.

When it comes to a foldable smartphone, most people think of a smartphone that can be folded into a tablet. This may be interesting to some, but for some, a large smartphone like the Flip 3, which, when folded, becomes ultra-compact, is the most exciting option. When unfolded, it is as thick or thin as other smartphones. However, when folded, it looks a bit clunky because the two halves are not completely lined up with each other.

The opening and closing work extremely smoothly, but unfolding it is much easier with two hands than with one hand. As with a laptop, the screen can be continuously adjusted to different angles, so the device is usually opened fully or at most at a 90-degree angle in front of you, for example, to watch a video and have the hands free at the same time. In "Laptop mode", the YouTube app automatically displays the video on the top screen and comments on the video in the bottom half. Of course, the videos can also be viewed normally in full-screen mode.

2. More robust and finally waterproof

We remember with horror: the first generation of folding phones looked like a prototype accidentally dropped among customers. But Samsung has continually improved its foldable phones for the past two years, and that is now paying off. The Flip 3's predecessor also passed our six-month long-term test without a hitch. The current model is even more robust, and at the same time, it is the first waterproof folding phone.

The flexible screen should withstand 200,000 folding processes without damage, which would easily be enough for a useful life of five years. Whether this will also be achieved in practice, we will see in a few years.

The fact is: When closed, the display is protected at all times, which is certainly not a


3. Large, high-quality display 

When unfolded, you see a very large, bright and especially elongated Full HD Plus screen. Despite its 6.7-inch size, the Flip 3 is easier to hold than many other smartphones because it is comparatively narrow. Even small hands can hold it well. While the displays on early folding phones still looked like plastic, you hardly notice any difference from regular glass. 

At least after the first three weeks, no scratches are visible. Another good thing: the unavoidable fold on the screen is only visible from the side, so it does not interfere with normal use at all. Especially in the beginning, you can feel the fold when you constantly swipe the screen, which is quite irritating. In a short time, you get used to it, and you no longer notice it.

4. Practical outdoor display

The justified criticism of the first Z Flip turned into the tiny 1.1-inch show on the outside. The diagonal now measures 1.9 inches. What feels like a little greater makes a hanging difference: effectively, the display area is now four times large than its predecessor.

Samsung has visibly made an effort to use the outdoor display sensibly. As a user, you may set which information have to be displayed wherein order with a swipe to the left or right. There are numerous designs to select from for the cover display, and in case you want, you may customize it together along with your personal photo or GIF.

With the outdoor display, you may additionally take a selfie quick and easily. A double click on the power button turns on the camera; with the volume up button, the photo is taken. Selfies are taken on this manner appearance especially good, as they may be now no longer desirous about the front camera, but with the better quality main camera.

5. Top processor, 4 years of security updates 

In terms of performance, the Flip 3 is in league with the best smartphones currently. If you look at 1000 AUD for a smartphone, of course, you expect the latest processor, and you get it with the Snapdragon 888. With 8 GB of RAM, optionally 128 or 256 GB of memory and 5G including Nano-SIM and eSIM, the device is capable of the future. As is, unfortunately, the case with almost all premium smartphones today, the memory of the Flip 3 cannot be expanded, and we no longer dare to dream of a headphone jack.

The finger sensor on the power button works perfectly, while the facial recognition occasionally has problems, which is surprising in a negative sense in this price range. On the positive side, the software is remarkable: Samsung's One UI for Android is one of the best out there for smartphones today. 

The device comes with Android 11 and receives three major Android updates. In addition, Samsung guarantees regular security updates for four years for private customers and five years for business customers. Important Android components and system apps such as Chrome, Gmail, etc., continue to receive updates directly from Google via the Play Store as usual.

6. Good camera

The camera ranges from good to very good, but not outstanding. For the top class, the zoom is too bad; otherwise, there is little to complain about. If you want a smartphone that reliably provides good snapshots, you won't be disappointed here. 

7. The cheapest folding phone so far

While the first Galaxy Z Flip cost 1000 AUD just over a year ago, the Flip 3 is 700 AUD cheaper. The recommended price by Samsung is 1000 AUD, in stores, you can find it from 1000 AUD. This is the amount you pay for the latest premium smartphones that cannot be folded. 

There's no question that if you just want a good mobile phone without a lot of bells and whistles, you are in good hands in the price range of 300 to 600 AUD. If you want to and can afford some extravagance, the Flip 3 does not do much wrong.

Conclusion: It works

You don't have to like folding phones. You can find it as unnecessary as a fourth corona wave. The added benefit compared to a normal smartphone is easy to understand. But no one can seriously claim that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a bad smartphone. It's a normal premium smartphone that folds up – nothing more, nothing less.

So it may be the right choice for everyone who has always liked to have folding mobile phones and everyone who likes to try new things and have the necessary change. In any case, you don't have to be a gadget nerd or tech enthusiast to like this smartphone.

Can all smartphones be folded at some point? The advantage is obvious: when folded, even very large smartphones like the Flip 3 fit comfortably in your pocket, and the screen is better protected.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the first folding phone to which almost everyone around me reacts positively when they see or try it out for the first time. This was by no means the case with earlier folding phones.