Why Put Screen Protector in Tempered Glass?

by sogrow team

Why Put Screen Protector in Tempered Glass?

In addition to its function as a means of communication, the smartphone has now become the number one source of entertainment worldwide. The mobile phone rarely leaves us at any time and in any place. Protecting your smartphone from possible accidents has become a priority, hence the invention of tempered glass screen protectors. What is the working principle? How do you protect your phone with this technology?


If you own a smartphone, you probably know that the screen can be damaged quickly. Due to daily use, the phone's display is much more prone to deterioration than any other part of the device. This is where tempered glass protection comes in. This device acts as a kind of protective shield and absorbs the shocks that hit your screen. Ordinary glass has a certain mechanical resistance that comes from its basic components. But that quickly wears off over time. The advantage of using tempered glass lies in the treatment to which it has been subjected; it is annealed a second time, which gives it twice the hardness. Use a tempered glass screen protector that will prevent: 

  • Fingerprints. 
  • The stripes. 
  • Abrasion on the sides. 

 Another advantage is that it is relatively cheaper than traditional glass. It is certainly more profitable to convert your screen protector to tempered glass than to pay for expensive screen repairs or, worse, to buy a new smartphone.



When you don't have your tempered glass screen protector in store, you can install it from the comfort of your home. To do this, you need to take some precautions beforehand and follow the installation steps, which are generally the same for all brands.


First, you should refer to the template that comes with your tempered glass screen protector kit. With these practical instructions, you can perfectly adapt your protective film to your smartphone model.


First, you must clean the surface of your screen with a degreasing cloth included in the kit. Dust is what causes air bubbles to form between the tempered glass film and the screen. A cotton ball soaked in household alcohol will also help remove dust from the screen.


Then comes the decisive step: mounting the tempered glass screen protector. To help you, you can start by placing the bottom part, which is usually the most cut out. Once this part is installed, you will need to expel the air bubbles with a card or cloth and then rise to the top, repeating the process. And let's go! The screen of your smartphone is now protected against external inconveniences.


 Screen protectors are easy to find online, but they are not all created equal. We are not going to talk here about simple plastic sheets that only have a screen protector in the name, as the screen runs the risk of breaking if you drop the smaller ones. It can only, for the most efficient, protect your screen from scratches. Remember, changing the screen of a smartphone is not easy. In addition, it costs just over thirty euros, and that is the price of the screen itself, which easily turns around 100 euros. But let's get back to what interests us today, ESG protection. In addition to high-quality scratch protection, such protection should have other specifications:

  • Shock protection: Who has never seen their precious phone slip from their hands and fall to the ground? The tempered glass protector can easily withstand multiple drops without breaking while protecting your phone. 
  • Fingerprint Protection - You've probably already noticed this, but your fingers deposit a thin layer of grease when you use your smartphone. It is the lipid protection of the skin. The best screen protectors are treated, so you don't need to clean them after each use. 
  • Rounded edges: It may seem like a detail to you, but a rounded edge prevents two things: it is damaged in the first drop and that the edge is the cutting element. 
  • HD protection: Smartphone manufacturers compete with increasingly bright displays with more extravagant colours. It would be a shame to spoil it all by glueing on inferior glass protection. 

Now you know how to recognize armoured glass protection, and all you have to do is find it.