The original is always better: how to keep your USB charging cable from breaking

by sogrow team

The original is always better: how to keep your USB charging cable from breaking

Data cables have long been considered consumable. They are sold in every corner and are inexpensive, so it feels like replacing a broken string is a simple snap of your finger.

Remember that most of the products on sale are of terrible quality. These cables wear out the battery faster, and cheap cables break quickly too.

Therefore, you should try to extend the life of the original cable as much as possible. If it is not in order, it is better to buy a quality cable at a higher price and follow our recommendations than to buy a dozen "Chinese" for 100-300 rubles a year.

How to save on new charging cables

Here are some tips on how to extend the life of a good cable.

  • Use With Caution

  • It sounds trite, but be careful - you are probably pulling the cord, sitting up, or stepping on it and suddenly pull it out of the charged smartphone. When disconnecting the cable from the smartphone, do not grasp the cable, but rather the mouthpiece near the plug (it is specially designed for this).

  • Be careful not to bend the cable.

  • Be sure to straighten the cord before plugging it into an electrical outlet. The cable must not sag, twist or kink during operation. This is the main reason it drifts away over time or needs to be slightly wrinkled to start charging. But "dancing with the tambourine" is easy to avoid if you just don't break the string.

  • Do not tighten during storage or transport.

  • Lightly wrap the cable 3x or a maximum of 4x, if length allows. Gently join the ends to the formed ring. If the cable is unwound, it is no longer necessary to tighten it! Just secure it with a regular binder (stationery clip) or get in the habit of storing it in a special case right away. Make sure that no section of the cable is bent, especially near the connector.

  • How to reinforce the cable

  • The area near the connectors is the most vulnerable part of a cable. It is from here that the "surprises" most often begin, so it makes sense to at least strengthen this area. This can be done immediately after purchasing the original cable without waiting for problems.

    We offer several practical ways to reinforce the Data cable:

    • Wrap an unnecessary pin spring around the cable sections near the connectors. 
    • Make a protective covering for the paracord cable. 
    • Wrap the knitting yarn around the cord. This option is especially suitable for lovers of needlework since the work is troublesome. You can weave the cord or use the macramé technique. 
    • An option for the lazy is just to wrap the ends of the cord in front of the connectors with 34 layers of electrical tape.