Should you buy an Apple Watch - All the Pros and Cons

by sogrow team

Should you buy an Apple Watch - All the Pros and Cons

What is Apple Watch?

Apple has created smartwatches and equipped them with additional functions. In interaction with the fifth-generation iPhone and above, full use of the accessory functionality and numerous options is possible, although the device can be connected to Android devices.

The original and elegant watches are made with sapphire or IonX crystal; products with gold designs are used on the case. After the company introduced the first version of "Smartwatches" in 2014, the company is constantly improving the product, and in 2018 fans of "Apple" novelties were able to buy the fourth generation of the Apple Watch.

The clock display only lights up when the pointer is brought close to the eyes. If you need to erase the watch quickly, cover it with the palm of your hand. You can't write SMS; a short pre-made template will be dictated or sent. The watch has a built-in fitness tracker to count calories, steps, or heart rate. The functionality of the "mail client" is limited: only some letters can be read completely, the rest of the "Smartwatch" recommends opening them with an iPhone. To call Siri Assistant, just press and hold the wheel.

A watch can't replace a smartphone, but it can make it much easier for active people to use.

Bonus points for buying an Apple Watch

  • A beautiful, stylish and practical accessory underlines the owner's status, shows ultra-accurate time and complements the collection of devices. The modern design, durable quartz crystal, various bracelets combined with simple operation, and various functions make the watch not only a stylish accessory but also a useful device.
  • The full functionality of the watch is fully revealed in conjunction with the fifth-generation iPhone and above. Make them feel comfortable while travelling while driving a car or playing sports. They allow you to constantly receive information and react immediately, becoming a link in a chain that connects a person with the digital world. The watch lets you take a call without picking up the phone, turn on the music immediately, and ask Siri to call a cab.
  • The accessory is indispensable for busy and important people who value every minute. The watch receives notifications that can be read very easily without the need to go to social networks and messenger. An incomplete list of WhatsApp, Facebook, VK, reply to messages right there, use a template for it, dictate a reply even while driving or reply to the owner of the "Smartwatch" later. With them, you don't have to rush to the phone in the next room to avoid missing an important call - you can start a call in a matter of hours and continue it from your smartphone.
  • Possibility of contactless payment and savings on bonus cards. Without having an iPhone with such a watch, it is convenient to pay for purchases with the application. This saves time, even compared to paying with a plastic card; without wasting time entering the code, removing the card and reinserting it, the watch is always at hand! It is not always necessary to search for the required bonus card, which is not always practical, but it is also available with the corresponding application.
  • The ability to track health indicators. The watch warns the owner of too low or too high a heart rate. A violation of the heart rhythm does not go unnoticed to them, as it may indicate the presence of atrial fibrillation and the need to consult a doctor. They help you measure your yoga, swimming and interval training, as well as cycling training and connect to many devices.

Disadvantages of the Apple Watch or what spoils the user experience

To seriously judge whether to buy a fancy toy, it is important to remember:

  • All functions can only be fully used with the fifth-generation iPhone and above.
  • The hefty price tag of a high-quality brand name accessory leaves you wondering if every penny is worth spending on a fancy toy that can't completely replace an iPhone.
  • Apple Watch is slow to download updates and messages, which is a bit frustrating regardless of the potential, user interface and functionality of the accessory.
  • Short battery life. According to the manufacturer, the device should be able to operate in normal mode for up to 18 hours without charging. Apple Watch with continuous exercise or listening to music "lasts" no more than seven hours. If you talk to a smartwatch for three hours, the battery will also break down and will need to be recharged.
  • Regardless of strap type (plastic, expensive leather for $ 149, composite metal for $ 449), the watch resembles a small smartphone in appearance, although it claims to be recognized in the world of haute couture.

Buy or not

Of course, the Apple Watch fulfils the functions indicated by the creator; it is comfortable and beautiful, but the watch does not replace the phone; it acts as a functional accessory and assistant. They can be dismissed as an unnecessary or useful habit after several months of use; they do not allow you to miss an important call or notification; they allow you to quickly turn on or take the music in the car without the distraction of answering the call without picking up your smartphone.

If you are an active person, constantly on the go, and you receive dozens or hundreds of notifications every day, Apple Watch will make your life more productive.

If there are practically no important calls, just read the emails only once a day, the "Smartwatches" should only be seen from the point of view of a beautiful accessory, and only from this point of view should you decide whether you need that or not.