How to put a screen protector on an iPad?

by sogrow team

How to put a screen protector on an iPad?

Do you want to protect the new iPad screen using a screen saver to avoid scratching or damaging? There are two ways to protect the panel: I'm with a plastic protector or a glass. Because you have each type and instruction, you should consider all the variables to choose the best way to protect the iPad.

What smartphone is expensive, you want to keep it out of the box as much as possible? And it is not easy: considering the enormous size of the screen, not only breaking the glass but will hurt it. Therefore, it is a good idea to protect it with a shield.

Standard screen protector, smart selection

All phones open the factory with a plastic film that protects the screen. This film is usually transparent and behaves like a standard screen protector. Doing is at least in most cases to keep the screen saver.

Glass Fusion

The standard protective equipment is always plastic, protecting most of the front (sometimes crystal that protects from the end of the protector), is completely disposed, and is fully disposed, and the best protection against scratches Provides things. So, why do you delete it? Unless the brand does not improve the characteristic of the plastic sheet, it is not so common (it still happens with a cheap phone).

Most mobile phones do not require a screen saver because the mark contains sufficient plastic films to function as a protector. However, this part has a problem that all plastic protectors are: the finger does not slide the surface of the screen gently. This is the point of evaluating when buying a Mobile Specific Screen Protector.

Plastic or glass protector?

Potentially speaking, we can divide the screen saver for mobile phones into two very different categories: 

  • Plastic Protector

They are made from different plastic polymers and are cheaper, and has highly qualified features with people who have a mobile phone with A mobile phone screen: The sheet is adapted next to the panel. 

  • Glass Protector

They are made of reinforced glass, provide the same touch as the phone's screen, and absorb a slight impact that the cell phone has received forward. 

Various protectors have their advantages and their disadvantages. If you are looking for a cheap screen saver, there is no doubt that it is the best plastic. However, improved glasses are significantly reduced to the price. The touch of the tactile protector will always be better (the finger is not moving, the grease is deleted better). Both are not very effective for crashes. The glass is usually better supported because the first layer is fragmented before the screen. In each type of protector, some different components and finishes provide special functionality for accessories. In addition, the brand uses the name of your product. Facts that complicate the search for protectors. Because these accessories are made of different types of polycarbonates, different types of plastic protection devices.

Plastic Protector 

Products are terminated to describe the protectors such as "plastic". There is a multilayer protector that accumulates several different materials to improve the final characteristics of the accessories. However, they are classified into two main types: 

 pet protector "These are a half-seat nearby that gives significant protection against zero. The fingers are tilted so as not to slip a lot on the surface, but they are soft to touch. They are strongly recommended for curved screens. 

  • TPU Protector 

 This is a malleable plastic that is fully adapted to cell curves. It is a light touch "similar to rubber". This tends to make tactile gestures difficult. "Hydrogel" is TPU. 

 Plastic protection equipment is the most common and cheaper. However, it is recommended to buy them with two or three protective packages. In this way, if you do not work in the first place, there is a second chance. 

  • Burned Glass

They are more expensive than plastic protectors, but their difference has been significantly reduced. It is possible to find superior glass protection in stores.

The flame glass protector 

It is rigid and must have the exact form of the mobile phone. This is a disadvantage in the case of a curved screen because the edge generally indicates "step". This usually gives a bad sense to the lateral gesture. This defect can be disguised as combined with the case. 

Reinforced glass protects the scratch screen and also protects from a small shock from the front. Not the waterfall: The screen tends to the torsion fragment when the phone falls from one of its corners. Even so, generally, increase security than plastic protectors. 

Each manufacturer has its temper branded glass. Also, look at the thickness of the glass and its hardness. The greater the hardness, the more damage it hurts. Of course, it will be more valuable.