How to choose the right Power Bank?

by Shubham Khurana

The smartphone is our most faithful companion today. It simplifies our lives because it gives us the opportunity to be always online and stay in touch with the world; it keeps us up to date and provides us with entertainment, as long as it works. It usually happens at the most inopportune moment. There is a solution, and it is now essential: a power bank is an essential accessory, so you can use your smartphone with peace of mind because you can also charge it several times a day without having to plug it into a socket. But how do you choose a suitable power bank? 

Power Bank should be beautiful and practical, but what other features does it have to have? Here, you will find all the information you need to choose a power bank that suits your needs.

How big does the power bank have to be?

We are not talking about the physical size of the mobile power supply, but the power in ampere or the maximum accumulative power of the battery. The abbreviation "mAh" stands for milliamps/hour, and in time it represents the "capacity" of a rechargeable battery. The most common power banks start at 2,000 mAh, which means they can provide smartphones with 2,000 mA of continuous power per hour. The higher the value, the higher the battery power and the longer the service life. The important thing is that even during charging, there will be a slight loss of power. Compared to the specified value, the average loss is 20-30%. 

How to charge the smartphone with the Power Bank?

The ampere count indicated at the power bank USB output port is critical to the device's charging speed. Choosing a suitable mobile power supply and monitoring the output current (output) displayed on your own device's charger is very important - the mobile power supply output power must reach at least this value. A smartphone battery charger generally generates about 1A of power, so ideally, use a mobile power supply with a 1A output to charge it. There is nothing wrong with using a power bank with higher power output. The voltage controls the output current, and the voltage is always 5V, which is the value specified in the USB port specifications.

How is a power bank recharged?

The power bank can be charged via a power source, such as a portable computer or wall charger, or via a USB cable. In addition to capacity, the time required to charge the mobile power supply also depends on the amount of power received by the input port. Therefore, when choosing a power bank, you need to check whether the ampere strength of the input port is correct. In this way, you can estimate the time required to charge fully.

How many USB ports does a power bank need to have?

Another factor when choosing a power bank is the number of devices you want to charge. Generally speaking, a large-capacity mobile power bank has more than one USB interface, which can charge two smartphones at the same time, such as a private smartphone and a service smartphone. You can also charge your smartphone at the same time with a tablet. However, it usually has a higher power output, so you should always make sure that the power bank has the above characteristics in terms of capacity and charging to get the right performance for both the smartphone and the tablet.

What cables do you use to charge a smartphone with the Power Bank?

When purchasing a power bank, the charging cable must also be included. The cable connects the mobile power supply to the power bank through the input port (usually Micro-USB), which has a standard USB port. Some power banks have LED indicators to indicate the charging time, remaining power, and charging time. However, the cable to charge your smartphone is not always necessary: ​​if your device is connected via micro USB, you can use the same cable or the cable that came with your smartphone.

What about the security of the Power Bank?

To protect against counterfeiting, we recommend that you register the Power Bank with the serial number you receive when you purchase it online or through customer service. Also, check the warranty: depending on the manufacturer, country of origin, and battery type, the type and duration of the warranty can vary significantly. The problem can be solved by printing it on the package or in the accompanying instruction manual.

Aesthetics and ease of use of the power bank.

The most popular power banks are those original and aesthetic. They can fit comfortably in your pocket, and because they are small and thin, you can easily carry them with you when you travel. They are the perfect gift for the company because if you personalize them with your own logo, they are the perfect advertising medium. 

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