How do I find a suitable Monitor Mount?

by Shubham Khurana

1. Compile the key data of your TV set

In order for the holder to fit the TV, some information from the TV is necessary. This is the only way to ensure that the bracket really fits.

What is the size of the TV and what is its weight?

If you don't know the inch size of your screen, you can easily figure it out.

  1. Measure the screen from bottom left to top right (only the glass, not the case).
  2. Divide the result by 2.54 (1 inch = 2.54cm). Round out the result, and you have the inch size of the screen.

What VESA standard does the TV have?

The VESA standard is a standard for attaching screens to monitor mounts, among others, which provides at least 4 threads for screws depending on the dimensions and weight of the screen.

Monitor mount for screens

If you don't know the VESA standard of your monitor, you can easily find out. On the back of the screens, there are threaded holes for holding screws. Measure the hole spacing from centre to centre as follows:

  1. Measure the horizontal distance between the screw holes - in the example: 200
  2. Measure the vertical distance between the screw holes - in the example: 100
  3. VESA standard = horizontal distance in mm & vertical distance in mm - in the example: 200 x 100

Your device does not have a VESA recording?

Some screens do not have the VESA hole pattern. These include well-known manufacturers such as .B. Loewe, Sony, Metz or LG. Nevertheless, a bracket can be used; only a VESA adapter must be interposed so that the TV becomes VESA receptive.

If you have found your desired mount but the VESA dimension does not match your monitor, you can also easily remedy this with a VESA adapter. It is screwed between the TV and the holder, and nothing stands in the way of the desired holder.

2. What are your requirements for the monitor mount?

A wide range of monitor mounts for all requirements can be found on the market. Think about the conditions and functions you want.

  • Where should the bracket be attached?

A monitor mount can be mounted in a variety of places. Some positions are:

wall, ceiling, sloping roof, table, traverse, floor or chair.

  • How should the bracket be attached?

For some attachment locations, different types of fastening are possible. For example, a bracket can be attached to the table as a screw-through fastener, clamp attachment, or stand.

Define your requirement for yourself in as much detail as possible.

  • What colour should the bracket be?

What colour should the bracket have so that it fits the existing interior?

  • What functions should the bracket have?

A large number of monitor mounts offer the possibility, for example, to rotate, swivel or tilt the monitor. Through these functionalities, you can align the screen optimally for yourself. Which functions are important to you?

Functions such as Rotatable, Electric, Height adjustable, Inclinable, Pivot, Swivel.

With the collected information, you can now search for the right holder in online shops, for example. Above all, make sure that the VESA standard and the load-bearing capacity fit.

3. Tips & Tricks

Suitable choice of seats

  • When choosing the mounting location, pay attention to windows and lamps. Light reflections should be avoided as far as possible; for example, the light reflections on the monitor are the strongest compared to windows.
  • Ideally, select the position in such a way that you look straight ahead at the screen and not sideways.


  • Ideally, work in pairs (especially with wall mounts)
  • Connect the cables before hanging the TV
  • Keep suitable screws, dowels and
  • a spirit level ready (wall mounts sometimes do not contain screws)

Correct distance

  • The ideal distance between TV and viewer is three times the screen diagonals.
  • To determine the correct wall height, a simple rule of thumb helps the screen's bottom edge equal to eye level. If the viewing distance is greater than two meters, the installation can also be slightly higher.

Cable channels

  • Visible cables interfere with the optics. Cabal channels come in shifted sizes, materials and colours - some can even be painted individually.

4. Custom-made products

A product doesn't quite cover your needs? We offer flexible, custom-made products - such as a tailor-made suit specially tailored to your needs; "CustomeMade" for every requirement.

Which products are individually customizable?

Individual customer requirements can be realized for all products in our range. It does not matter whether it is monitor mounts (e.B electric lifts, wall swivel arms, floor stands, table stands), projector mounts or tablet mounts. Monitor mounts or tablet mounts, for example, can be adapted (e.B swivel arm shortened), expanded or completely redesigned and manufactured!

Customizing is possible for:

  • Special materials and special colours according to the RAL table
  • Logo imprint
  • Individual production according to customer requirements
  • Single part and series production
  • Customizations/enhancements of products
  • For each available product (in any desired quantity)