Does a modern smartphone need a screen protector or film?

by sogrow team

Does a modern smartphone need a screen protector or film?

Modern smartphones are equipped with high-quality protective glass. Most of the latest flagships have durable gorilla glass (currently in the fourth generation) or sapphire glass. Should I wear an additional protective cover? And if additional protection is required, which of these two mediums should be chosen: glass or aluminium foil?


Why do modern smartphone screens need extra protection?

Flagship device screens are much better protected against scratches than early phone models with ordinary plastic or glass. To measure how much more reliable protection has become, here are some numbers.

  • The hardness of ordinary glass on the Mohs scale does not exceed 5 units.
  • The hardness of the metal is 5.5, which means that keys or a knife with normal glass can scratch the screen of the phone.
  • The hardness of the fourth generation Gorilla glass is about 6 units (according to some sources 6.5H). Not afraid of metal objects.


But the force of quartz, the main element of ordinary sand, is 7 on the Mohs scale. Is it any wonder that even the toughest screen protectors become visible over time?

The second aspect of the problem is the case of the smartphone on the ground. It is especially dangerous if the device drops the screen. In this case, the expensive screen and touch screen unit must be replaced. And you will be without a phone for a period of a week to a month and a half. The exact time for replacement depends on the availability of replacement screens for your device model at the service centre. Waiting for new models, of which there are still few in Australia, may be significantly delayed.


Protective Film for Smartphone

The glass of the phone can be protected from scratches with a special film. It is made of a polymer that is so durable that it will not be damaged if it comes in contact with metal keys and other dull metal objects.


Advantages of screen protectors for smartphones:

  • Low price. Manufacturers offer to buy them in sets of 310 pieces per pack. As soon as one fails, you get a new one.
  • Ideal size for popular phone models. For example, you can buy protective films for Xiaomi smartphones on an online store.
  • Reliably protect your home screen from scratches.
  • It does not require any special skills to glue your phone. The adhesive layer is covered with a special technological film. They clean the screen of dirt, remove the technological layer and stick the film.


Screen protector for Smartphone

Tempered glass is another trendy way to protect your device's screen from scratches. During manufacturing, it is heated to 600 ° C and then cooled. This makes the tempered glass very durable, up to 9 on the Mohs scale. In theory, it can only be scratched with a diamond, the most durable mineral. Remember that sand only has a hardness of 7H, which means that it cannot leave scratches in such a protective layer.

 If the foils only prevent scratches, safety glasses can also help if the device falls to the ground. The extra hardened coating breaks, but the screen remains intact.


Screen protector Advantages:

  • The price is 810 times less than replacing a screen with a touch screen.
  • Screen protection against scratches and drops. The extra lid is broken, but an expensive sieve unit is saved.
  • Ability to order tempered glass for Xiaomi, Samsung smartphones from other models on E-commerce store, precisely tailored to the size of the phone, the location of the holes for the camera and the speaker.
  • Do not distort the image on the screen or reduce the intensity of colours. Also, some manufacturers claim that the colours will become more saturated.


How to attach glass to a smartphone?

There are four steps to attach glass.

First, remove all dirt from the screen. The kit also contains two wipes: wet and dry.

Now let's get rid of the tech film.

And we glued the bulletproof glass to the smartphone.

We eliminate air bubbles underneath for a better grip.