Differences of USB cables: which is the most effective in work

by sogrow team

Differences of USB cables: Which is the most effective in work

USB cables are used almost everywhere. They are required to charge, transfer data, and connect various devices. That is why we are so used to the existence of this accessory that it is difficult to imagine today's world without it. But sadly, despite its popularity, many still don't see the difference between a particular cable. Much depends on it, including baseload speed. Therefore, it is incredibly important to understand the differences and choose the right model based on individual needs.

The difference in connectors

The first thing you should pay attention to is the connector; it has two. They differ in appearance (shape). The first (the main one in most cases): can be in the form of a normal USB or in the form of a USB OnTheGo (also called USBFemale). You can connect a second cable with a USB interface through the OnTheGo USB connection.

The second connection can take the form: MicroUSB, TypC, MiniUSB.

MiniUSB is less common because it has a low data rate and is loaded. Therefore, this interface can be found mainly on outdated devices.

MicroUSB and TypC connectors are considered one of the most efficient today. MicroUSB allows you to transfer data at a medium speed. This connection can be found in inexpensive devices, batteries.

TypeC is an interface that is becoming more and more popular. Reasons? First, connecting such a cable is incredibly easy. You don't have to figure out how to implement it to install it successfully. Second, cables with such connectors can transfer data at a higher speed than traditional MicroUSBs and offer fast charging and information exchange capabilities. And thirdly, TypeC allows the use of smartphone docking stations. Therefore, this connector has significantly expanded device connectivity and accelerated data transfer.

So, when choosing a device, pay attention to the ports. This is an important part that can significantly affect the usability of the smartphone, tablet in the future. You can see what connection you have in the photo or in the gadget instructions.

How to choose a cable?

When you have decided on the correct plug, you should pay attention to one more point: the charging current. This parameter also affects the ability to load and transfer data quickly. In this case, the higher the charging current, the more efficient the work. This means that if you have a cable with a characteristic of 1A, the charging, data transfer and charging speed will be very slow. And the higher the current, the better the speed. It should also be noted that there is no point in buying a cable with parameters below 2A if your phone supports the fast-charging function. In this case, fast charging will have no effect. But there is a nuance that the battery and its power adapter can have different capacities. If your power adapter is rated at 1.5A, regardless of the cable you buy, the charge will be slow. Therefore, when buying a cable, it is important to study the parameters of the power supply. If the output current is 23A, you can use a cable with the same parameters. In this case, it is not necessary to buy an 11.5 A cable; otherwise, you risk a longer charging time.

Once you have decided on the load current, you can study the cable length as an additional parameter. It depends on how conveniently you want to connect the devices. In most cases, the optimal length is 1 meter. Device manufacturers most often offer a cable of this length, just plug it into the charger, and the cable will not tangle. But on sale, there are cables of more or less length. Therefore, when buying, it is important to determine for yourself what parameters are important to you, where to connect the device.

An additional benefit of the cable may also be its capabilities. For example, some cables have a backlight. Or you can find a cable with a built-in battery. Furthermore, the cables can have different designs, additional fastening means or a cable storage spool. So before deciding, study the range and compare various options. This will help you find useful and attractive accessories that will perfectly complement your device.