Car Charger for Android and iPhone Gadgets: How to Choose the Best Wireless Car Charger

by sogrow team

Car Charger for Android and iPhone Gadgets: How to Choose the Best Wireless Car Charger

Buying a smartphone charger for your car is not an easy task. And not only that, the charger may not fit your device and refuse to charge it. Certain wireless chargers work better with your phone. How to know which one to get? We will show you.

Before we dive in, let's get obvious out of the way. To use the wireless charger, you need a phone with wireless charging. It's understandable to assume that all modern phones have this technology built-in, but that's not the case. You can simply do a web search to find if yours does.

Qi is the key

For a short time, various wireless charging standards competed for notoriety, but that didn't last long. Every phone with wireless charging has the Qi charging standard, pronounced "chee". This includes iPhones.

Think of it as the USB standards. You can't use a micro USB charger with a USB C phone. Similarly, you need a Qi charger to charge a phone that supports Qi wirelessly. It's that simple. As mentioned earlier, there are no really viable alternatives to Qi anyway, but it's something to keep in mind.

Search for USB-C

We are talking about wireless charging here, but there are still some wires involved. There are still various wireless chargers that use micro-USB. Although these are still technically fine, you're better off with a car charger with USB C.

Why is that? Micro USB chargers use an older standard called Quick Charge, which has a lower power limit than the newer USB-C standard "Power Delivery". This means that wireless USB-C chargers are more powerful and future-proof.

Another advantage is that your phone may also have a USB-C port. Therefore, if you need a faster-charging speed, or if you want to use your phone while charging, just unplug the wireless charger and connect the charging cable directly to your phone.

Wattage is important

All Qi chargers work on all phones that support Qi wireless charging. However, the best wireless charger for the Apple iPhone 13 may not be the best wireless charger for the Samsung Galaxy S21. Let's talk about loading speed.

Different phones have different wireless charging speeds. Samsung devices have a unique protocol called "Fast Wireless Charging". If you get a wireless charger that supports it, you can get a wireless charging speed of up to 15W.

Likewise, the iPhone has a "MagSafe" charging protocol. Wireless chargers designed specifically for MagSafe can charge your iPhone faster than traditional wireless chargers. Again, every Qi charger wants to charge the iPhone, just not so fast.

Keep this thing in mind. As long as you get a Qi wireless charger for a phone with a Qi charging function, you can charge the device. To ensure that you can charge it at the fastest possible speed, you should buy a wireless charger that is specifically tailored to your device.

What is the best wireless charger?

In addition to the type of plug and wattage, you only need to consider the style. Want a flat base or stand to support it? What kind of aesthetics are you aiming for? There are countless completely different wireless chargers on the market.

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Find the wireless charger that suits your style. Don't worry too much if it meet the exact specifications for your phone. Wireless charging – even at the highest speeds – is always slower than wired charging.