Benefits of Laptop Stand

by Shubham Khurana

Laptops may have come a long way in terms of technology and portability, but there has been little change in the ergonomics of mobile computers. This means that the ergonomic problems caused by the first laptop brought with it still largely exist today.

However, the advantage is that the market is now adapting to these problems and offering a wide range of solutions. When it comes to the ergonomics of a laptop, the laptop stand is one of the most important accessories for ergonomic mobile work.

In this article, we will discuss the various benefits of laptop stands.

  1. The laptop holder: The perfect individual setting

Some people are tall; others are rather small. The individually height-adjustable desk can help you set a suitable desk height, allowing you to maintain a healthy and ergonomic posture when sitting. 

But even at the same height, your colleague's eyes may be different from yours. Your laptop would not take this into account, but the individually adjustable laptop stand will!

The experts recommend that you keep your eyes at the highest level at the top edge of the screen when working. Ideally, the top edge should be 10 to 20° below eye level. 

At this angle, the eyes can more easily accommodate, i.e. adjust the refractive power of the lens to focus objects and are generally less stressed.

  1. Work effectively and healthily: Organization with the document holder

Although we create, forward and use many paperless documents today, some letters still fall into our hands "analogue". In the most annoying case, the important information on the paper must be reprocessed and digitized so that you keep turning around and looking at the paper next to your laptop. 

Not only is this time consuming, but it can also cause significant neck pain and strain because the neck muscles are so overloaded from continuous movement. The laptop stands with integrated document holders are the solution here: they allow you to place files directly under the field of vision, thus minimizing annoying rotational movements.

  1. Not the place, but the work counts: The mobile laptop holder

More and more people are travelling from one place A to another B, having two different residences or having several jobs simultaneously: mobility is the 21st-century keyword. Our workplace can also have many things: cafes, train houses, or its own four walls. 

For all these situations, the laptop was invented. Even the laptop stand is by no means downstream of mobility. 

Many laptop stands are foldable and weigh no more than half a kilogram. Therefore, you can take it with you everywhere. Just put it in your laptop bag and use it anytime, anywhere to set up an ergonomic mobile office! 

  1. The fixed stand even for large laptops

You probably think at this point that a mobile laptop holder could certainly be worthwhile, but it also sounds like a rather shaky affair.

Here we can assure you because most laptop holders are stable even on fast train journeys. This is especially due to the non-slip rubber feet that are located on the holders. 

Even with the size of your laptop, you don't have to worry: Regular notebook supports can withstand even heavy, large laptops up to 17 inches!

  1. Prevent herniated discs

In addition to the practical features of the laptop stand, it can also do some things for your long-term health. 

Due to the ordinary and crooked posture in front of the laptop, not only do your back and neck begin to ache but also your intervertebral discs are under intervertebral pressure. 

Since we sit for endless hours every day, we naturally spend the same amount of time in unhealthy and incorrect postures. 

This not only causes back pain and strain, but it also means that our intervertebral ligaments and discs need more work. In the case of severe overuse due to one-sided movement, such as incorrect posture when sitting, a herniated disc can be threatened in the worst case.

  1. Increase not only the laptop but the work performance

There is no doubt that our health is very important. In our intense daily work, we tend to put them on the back burner and try to work as efficiently and as possible. 

If you use a laptop stand, you no longer have to choose between health and efficiency because the laptop stand can promote your health and productivity!


The laptop stand not only allows you to maintain a healthier posture while working, thus avoiding neck pain, but also ensures that you work more productively!