Answers to the most popular questions about Apple Watch

by sogrow team

Answers to the most popular questions about Apple Watch

Potential Apple Watch buyers ask several questions about the watch. We have compiled the most popular and prepared answers.

What can the Apple Watch do?

The product has many possibilities. Starting with the most obvious: time, notifications, sending messages, calls, tracking activities, listening to music, and ending with the unusual: opening doors, paying for purchases, calling a taxi.

The clock is a kind of continuation of the iPhone that we have at hand. As more fan apps are released, the capabilities of this device will expand.

What models of watches does Apple make?

Apple Watch is available in 3 versions: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition.

How are the models different?

The Apple Watch case is made of stainless steel. The touch screen is covered with a sapphire crystal, which is highly resistant to scratches.

Apple Watch Sports are made of aluminium and instead of sapphire, the screen is covered with IonX glass with greater resistance. It is the lightest of all models.

Apple Watch Edition is made of 18-carat yellow or rose gold, the screen is protected by a sapphire crystal.

What about the size of the Watch?

Each of the models is available in two sizes: 38 and 42 mm (body height).

Can the belts be replaced?

There are 6 types of Apple Watch bands. The desired bracelet can be purchased separately and changed by yourself. However, there are 2 restrictions: the leather loop is only suitable for the 42mm watch and the modern buckle is only suitable for the 38mm version.

The original Apple Watch Sport comes with a PTFE sport band, while the Watch and Edition models come with a leather or steel band.

What phone does the watch work with?

Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6 and 6 Plus.

Can lefties use watches?

Apple has considered the needs of all users. When setting up for the first time, you should indicate that the watch is being worn to the right and turn the watch over so that the dial is on the left.

What sensors are built into the watch, what can they track?

All Apple Watch models are equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and heart rate monitor. The watch can also use your iPhone's GPS and WiFi module.

With these sensors, the watch can track your steps, body position, distance travelled, exercises performed, and added calories. All the information collected is available in the applications: "Activity" and "Training".

How do I control the Apple Watch?

Navigation and control are done through a touch screen and 2 physical buttons. The touch screen of the Apple Watch is equipped with Force Touch technology, so the device can detect pressure and react in different ways.

The main control is "Digital Crown". This is a high-tech version of the wheel on a mechanical watch. The Digital Crown is also turned and pressed, but its functions are similar to the main control button on the iPod. Scrolling the wheel will zoom in or out and pressing will return you to the watch home screen.

Below the "Digital Crown" is a button that opens the "Friends" application. With this application, you can send a message, call or share your heartbeat with a loved one (yes, the watch can do that).